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The Lead Department is a cornerstone of Symmetry Financial Group. Their purpose is to streamline the sales process by placing each agent in front of buyers, thus eliminating the need for prospecting. Through this venue, agents enter their request for leads using our custom Opt! lead management system. This sophisticated CRM software allows agents to manage their lead and client database, from the very first phone call until the final sale and application submittal. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to assist agents in purchasing the leads that best fit their business. It is our first priority to set up each agent for success with professionalism and dedication.

For questions concerning the Lead Department, please email [email protected].


How to Access Opt!

  • www.sfgcrm.com
  • If you are having technical difficulties with the Opt! lead management website, you can reach the Opt! customer support department by sending an email to [email protected] or calling them at 908.232.9968 between 8AM-3PM EST Monday-Friday.

Using Opt!



Documents & Forms


Lead Types

  • A Lead: Price Depends upon contract level. Refer to Promotion Guidelines for cost. Exclusive to agent for 5 weeks.
  • 5A Lead: Distributed once as an A lead, but still hasn’t been sold. Now $7.99 each. Starts at 5 weeks of age and can go up to 8 months.
  • 4A Lead: Distributed twice. (As an A lead then as a 5A), but still hasn’t been sold. Now $6.99 each. Starts at 10 weeks of age and can go up to 10 months.
  • 3A Lead: Distributed up to 3 times. (As an A lead, then as a 5A & a 4A), but still hasn’t been sold. Now $5.99 each. Starts at 15 weeks of age and can go up to 12 Months.
  • 2A Lead: Distributed up to 4 times. (As an A lead, 5A, 4A, and 3A Lead), but still hasn’t been sold. Now $3.99 each. Starts at 20 weeks and can go to 18+ months.
  • 1A Lead: Distributed up to 5 times. These leads are $1.99 and are between 5 months and 35 months old. These are exclusive to the agent as a 1A lead for 3 months.
  • 50C Lead: Distributed up to 6 times. These leads are 50 cents, and are between 8 months and 50 months old. These are exclusive to the agent as a 50C lead for 3 months.

Call In Leads

  • CI (Call In) Leads are a Mortgage A lead. Price Depends upon contract level. Refer to the Promotion Guidelines for cost. 2 CI leads are considered as 1 A lead. If CI leads are not sold to an agent within 21 days of receipt they roll to the 5a category of bonus leads. Therefore any Call In leads in the 5a and 4a category have never been sold to an agent. If a CI lead is sold to an agent as an A lead it is exclusive to that agent for 5 weeks. If during that 5 weeks a sale is not made on the lead, it is then placed into the 3a category of bonus leads. Once CI leads are introduced to the bonus categories, they follow the same schedule as any other mortgage lead.
  • CI2 leads are Call In leads where the phone number is captured by caller ID. They are $7.00 each.

Inventory Leads

  • A Leads: 0-21 Days are regular price, depending upon contract level.
  • Overstock A Leads: 22-60 days are $13, 61-90 days are $11 each. 90+ days are $9 each. Leads have never been distributed.

Standing A Lead Orders | One Time Orders

  • Agents must have an approval from their up-line manager and have submitted 3 pieces of business before submitting a request for a standing A lead order.
  • Once a Standing Lead Order has been submitted by the agent, he/she is responsible for the payment of leads received from their request.
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing to [email protected] and agents are responsible for leads that may continue to come in for up to four weeks after the cancelation notice is received.
  • Geographic Area(s) for which agents are requesting leads can be changed by filling out a new Standing Lead Order Form and submitting it to SFG. (Agents changing a Standing Lead Order are still subject to the 4 week minimum requirement.)
  • Agents receiving leads through SFG must agree to diligently work the number of leads requested on a weekly basis.
  • A Leads will be billed and distributed every week on Thursdays/Fridays.
  • Agents should allow 24 hrs. for one time lead orders to be processed and distributed. One Time Orders can be placed Monday – Thursday up to 2pm EST to ensure proper delivery of leads by Friday.
  • Agents should maintain a minimum monthly average of $200 Paid Per Lead (amount of issue paid business, divided by number of A leads received) to ensure profitability and continued participation in the Mortgage Lead Program.
  • Leads purchased must be used solely in connection with the sale of insurance and recruiting insurance agents for SFG contracted life insurance companies.

How to place Lead Orders & access Opt!

  • When your contracting documents have been submitted in their entirety to the SFG Corporate Office you will receive an email with a link to the Opt! website. It will include your username and temporary password. Please make sure you listen to the short training modules above before accessing the lead software. You can view the lead inventory, order, and purchase your leads through the Opt! website.  
  • “Instant Purchase” of leads is only available to agents who have been contracted for a 3 month period AND are able maintain a minimum close ratio of 30%, a submitted premium of $7,500 and a PPL minimum of $200.
  • If you do not meet these qualifications then you may still order leads through the software by clicking on the “Order Leads” tab. You will receive your leads within 24 to 48 hours depending on when you place the order.
  • Standing A and Bonus Lead orders must be submitted using the lead order form link above. Submit via email or fax using the directions on the form.

Leads Billing

  • SFG will accept the following methods of payment: Credit Cards and /or Money Orders. Payment for leads is due the same day, prior to leads being received by the agent. SFG is authorized to charge your account using one of the acceptable methods of billing provided by the agent on the Mortgage Lead Order Form.
  • ​A $5 processing fee will apply to agents placing One Time Lead Orders, and will be charged only once for agents placing a Standing Lead Order. Standing Lead Orders that have been cancelled and resumed at a later date are subject to a second $5 processing fee. Lead invoices that have been declined are subject to a $25 NSF fee. Declined invoices that have not been paid within 2 weeks are then subject to an 18% interest in addition to the $25 NSF fee.

Lead Credits

  • Lead credit requests on 3a, 2a, 1a, or 50 cent leads will not be accepted– unless it’s for a duplicate lead.
  • Credits on A leads, 5a leads, and 4a leads may be given a credit for the following reasons: disconnected phone numbers, duplicate leads (the first lead received must be less than one year old to count as a duplicate), leads that fall outside of the targeted geographical area, and non-English speaking leads (in most areas). *NOTE* Leads submitted due to a language barrier or bad phone number are subject to investigation to prove the accuracy of the credit reason. Leads submitted for credit due to false reasons will result in earning 1 point on the agents account. The accumulation of 3 points will result in the removal of the agents ability to submit lead credits requests.
  • Lead credits must be requested within 30 days of receiving the lead.
  • Leads with missing phone numbers and leads with both clients over the age of 80 (Mortgage) and age 85 (Final Expense), are automatically given as free leads, so no credits are necessary. Final Expense A leads with missing phone numbers are charged at half price.
  • 3 Strike Policy for Lead Credits – SFG follows up on all leads submitted for credit. Leads submitted for false reasons will result in a strike added to the agents permeant record. The accumulation of 3 strikes will result in removal of the agents ability to submit leads for credit.

For instructions on how to request a lead credit in OPT!, please see the document below: