Destination '20

Join us for the trip of a lifetime as we venture to Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica for Destination ’20! Peninsula Papagayo is the ultimate coastal retreat, featuring a sophisticated resort surrounded by miles of uncrowded beaches, tropical forests and endless adventure. The 5-Star Four Seasons Resort is a dreamlike paradise and world-class resort with two signature golf courses and custom adventures designed for kids and families. We can’t wait to experience Costa Rica with you in 2020!

Qualification Period 
Dec 29, 2018 - Dec 27, 2019

Producers' Circle (4 nights)
$300,000 net placed minimum required to qualify. Prorated Amount: Agents contracted with SFG after May 1, 2019 only need $200,000 net placed to qualify.

Leaders' Circle (4 nights)
$800,000 net placed minimum required to qualify. 

Bonus Weeks
(Only for Producers' Circle) Bonus weeks allow producers to count submit totals for the week in addition to their regular net placed totals. Bonus weeks will be announced periodically throughout the year. Max credits apply: annuity volume is 5% credit of face value, $5000 max credit on other business. Bonus week points are not applicable to Leaders' Circle qualification totals.

Symmetry Financial Group reserves the right to withhold an invitation should persistency fall below a minimum acceptable level. Qualification is determined based on records maintained by SFG. Producers and Leaders must be in good standing with SFG and all carriers in order to qualify. Producers and Leaders must be registered for the 2019 Launch Conference and 2020 Celebrate Life: Symmetry at Sea Conference to qualify. Qualifiers cannot have lead debt or any other debt owed to SFG at the time of the trip or the invitation will be rescinded. Agent must maintain a 150 PPL. Bonus week max credits: Annuity volume is 5% credit of face value, $5000 max credit on other business. SFG, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify or change any of the qualifications or guidelines at any time. Any individual who meets the qualification requirements for both the Producers' Circle and Leaders' Circle will be considered a Leaders' Circle qualifier and will not receive any perks or reward for the dual qualification. Qualifiers may not invite downline agents to accompany them on the trip unless the downline agent is a member of the qualifier's family.


December 29, 2018 to December 27, 2019