Keys to Success

Keys to Success over the coming weeks

  • Community + Connection – Stay positive - constantly seek to uplift others. Stay plugged in to your team and their schedules. Create an atmosphere where you can communicate both through Zoom meetings, GroupMe, any digital format you can. You must outweigh the negative by doubling the positive.
  •  Scheduling + Calendars - Protecting your time, energy and assets – do what you can to keep them afloat. Where can you reallocate your expenses to go towards leads and produce more. Pace yourselves and work on the “tomorrow” side of your business. Stay focused on the people who need our help the most (new clients, current clients, licensed agents, etc).
  • Physical + Mental Wellness - Be intentional. Stay active, and care for your mental well-being. Schedule this self-care in your day.
  • Massive activity + Massive Flexibility – To survive and thrive in this business you have to work and stay active in it. Stay flexible to accommodate to this changing market.
    • Call in to former clients as if you are calling an old friend. Call them as a casual check-in and let the individual know that you are here, you are available, and if there is anything you need call me. Present your call with, “my clients are calling and asking about annuities or additional coverage at this time. If this is something you would like guidance with at this time just let me know.” Take the time to make the touchpoint.
  • Serve others – Be creative. How can you help your community? How can you help your neighbors? How will you be a part of the solution or how can you be of value? It’s easy to live by core values when times are easy. Now we have an opportunity to live our values out. Share your amazing stories with us at [email protected]

Keys to Failure

  • Massive Panic – Anything that isn’t part of a solution or is an overaction. Stay calm and respond mindfully to the change in business.
  • Not following CDC guidelines – We have to be responsible and do our part to stop the spread of COVID19.
  • Poor brand representation – Avoid arguing on social and stoking fear mongering online.


John Hancock Instant Decision Through Telesales

John Hancock’s Simple Term with Vitality product is now offering instant decision via telesales! Use your telesales techniques to conveniently and quickly sell this product that not only protects your clients but also recognizes and rewards them for living a healthy life. Access the John Hancock carrier page on the Agent Portal by clicking here.